October 24, 2016


Dear Pastor & friends,

While this letter will hang on the walls of Baptist Churches for the next month or so, our nation will be experiencing the post-election blues or bliss!  I urge everyone to vote.  We never have had perfect candidates to vote for and we sure don’t this time around.  However, one of the presidential candidates has a modicum of respect for our nation, gun rights, the Constitution, the future of the Supreme Court, and the lives of the unborn.  The other is NONE of the above.  Please vote with your thoughts focused on these facts.  The future of the United States, her people, and your children and grandchildren are at stake.  May God help and heal our Land.

I have been zeroed in on the Midwest for the last month; Ohio, Indiana (three churches and one large college chapel) and Illinois.  God has blessed in the meetings and there seems to be some stirring and longing for real revival among the hearts and lives of listeners.  My prayer and earnest desire is that God would once again rend the Heavens and send a reign of righteousness, repentance, reconciliation and revival.

Thank you so much for your faithful help to our home and ministry.  Your sacrifice for the souls of men and the ministry God has entrusted to me is both humbling and touching.  Sandy joins me in our praise to God for your gracious giving.  By the way, she is doing wonderfully after her third surgery in nine months and is well on the road to full recovery. She is truly a cancer survivor. Thank you for your prayers for her.


Yours for here and hereafter,


Tim Green