November 20, 2015

Dear Pastor & friends,
Here in southern Ohio we have enjoyed the mildest autumn that I have ever experienced in these climes. Thank God for global warming! Of course, I haven’t been home much to enjoy it, but everywhere I’ve been it has been pleasant. Most of the services have also felt the warmth of God’s presence and good things have been done in the lives of the listeners. Some have made profession of faith in Christ and I pray earnestly they will continue and grow in grace.
I thank you from my whole heart for your help in keeping our home fires burning and pray the dear Lord will bless you greatly. The Lord has given our home and ministry two new supporting churches in 2015, and I am grateful God still moves on men to help others.
The following sentences are the most difficult I have written in nearly thirty years (since Jordan had a stroke in 1987). On November 9 we got the staggering news that Sandy has cancer and faces radical surgery to remove the tumor. The next morning God gave me this assurance from Romans 14:8, that no matter what, we belong to Him! We covet earnestly your prayers for her in the difficult and daunting days ahead. I came across this in an old Bible today: “Faith is knowing there is an ocean when you can only see the stream.” Our hope and faith is firmly fixed in our heavenly Father, and I know the cleansing stream leads to the ocean of His grace. I’m asking you to pray. Jesus said, “…men ought always to pray…”; please put her on your church prayer lists and pray. The depth of our love for you is beyond boundless!

In Christ and rejoicing,

Tim Green