November Twenty-Two
Two Thousand Eleven

Dear Pastor and Friends,

Sometimes it seems that I’m communicating via telegraph or Morse code, and our hearers are on Skype, email, text message or whatever! I feel like I’m broadcasting on AM and their receivers are on FM or shortwave. The truth of the Gospel and story of salvation rings out clear and plain but there is a hindrance, a mis-connect. I don’t think the problem is with the message or even the messenger, but with the reception. My prayer is that God, through the Holy Spirit, would reveal Christ Jesus to needy hearts and lives.

I have never been busier, however, it seems so little is being accomplished against the Everest of need. May God stir and move the mountains of disinterest and mis-communication in both saint, sinner and minister!

As we hurry around amidst the upcoming holidays and festivities, I do not want to forget you, dear friends and loved ones, that have supported so faithfully through the year this ministry that God has given to this unworthy servant. You are my “on-earth” lifeline and my gratitude knows no boundaries to you and our loving heavenly Father. The rest of the year I will just be preaching on Sundays or one service appointments. Pray that our hearts and minds will be focused on Him and Him alone! May God be praised and His Son worshiped and adored is my prayer.

For His sake,

Tim Green