November Twenty Three
Two Thousand Ten

Dear Pastor and friends,

The disciples on more than one occasion were concerned about who would be the greatest. This must be a terrible, repeatable flaw of human nature. Christ’s response to their pride-filled query was a child. The characteristics of childlike faith in Christ were then exemplified. The child was called, and he obediently came (cf. Matt. 18:2); the child’s humility was expressed (vs. 4); our acceptance of children was denoted (vs. 5); and anyone’s disdain of children is denounced (vs. 10). Faith in God, like that of a child to his earthly father, is the only way to approach, relate to, and trust our heavenly Father.
The holidays are strong upon us with all their seasonal distractions; some are wonderful and wholesome and others not so grand. May our hearts be drawn to gratitude and the glory of God is my prayer.
In the month of November I preached in Arkansas, Ohio, and Kentucky. I even got in two days of deer hunting in Michigan with two of my brothers, two of my sons, and others. (Two out of seven got bucks…not me). This past Sunday was blessed with at least three professions of faith in the morning service while preaching in Kentucky. The revival in Arkansas was especially blessed also.
Thank you so much for your giving to our home and ministry. Your prayerful support is accepted monthly as a God-send, and we are truly grateful.

With love from a thankful heart,

Tim Green