November Twenty Third
Dear Preacher and friends,
Earlier this month my son, Jordan and his wife, missionaries to Mexico, heard a knock on their door. A couple was standing there with a story and a $500 gift card to Walmart. Some time ago, a lady in their Texas church stopped her car to attend to the needs of her five year old. Unbeknown to her, her two year old got out of the backseat of the vehicle and was struck and killed by a passing motorist. The driver of the automobile that took the life of the little toddler was a black preacher. He pastored a small church in a rundown neighborhood. The grieving family were prominent people in their church and of some means. They saw the preacher’s plight and initially built him a brand new home and then constructed a new church for his struggling congregation. Out of this unprecedented generosity grew a great philanthropic ministry of giving to those in need who were serving the Saviour; thus, the gift my son’s family received this giving season. The spirit of Christ’s words should be a guide post in our lives, “…It is more blessed to give than to receive” (Acts 20:35). I thank you all from the depths of my redeemed heart for your gracious and faithful giving to our work and ministry. God bless you, and I trust the Lord will ever be your help and stay.
Considering the gift,
Tim Green