Dear Pastor & friends,

The sweet Psalmist of Israel wrote these comforting words; “Thou hast beset me behind and before, and laid thine hand upon me” (Psalm 139:5).  The key word to me isbesetwhich simply means to be surrounded, hemmed in or encircled. Since he has beset us behind and before it means that He has taken care of our past and is also actively involved in our future.  And when He lays His hand on us, God is manifestly moving mightily in the present. So, we can triumphantly say, He has our past, present and future under control!  Our past is forgiven, our future is secure and He is working on us presently.  I’d say that is a wonderful position to have in our Lord.

The days in May have been filled with travel and meetings. My trail began in Georgia, wended its way to North Carolina, back to Ohio, up to Michigan and I preached Memorial Day Sunday in Ohio.  I will be preaching meetings in Florida, Maryland, West Virginia (our son, Sam’s, first church as pastor, on Father’s Day) and three different ministries in Georgia. To say the least, June is full! Please pray with me for God’s blessing and the Spirit’s mighty power to puncture the stony shell of indifference that seems to have permeated our land.

I also am very grateful to all of you that help financially in supporting our home and work for God.  Impossible is the only defining word I can think of that would describe how it would go without dear ones like you.  You are prayed for daily and I trust God’s best blessings will be yours.

His happy servant & your humble friend,



Tim Green