March 23, 2015

Dear Pastor & friends,

I am in a revival meeting as of this writing in Kettering, Ohio. A precious young woman was saved on Sunday morning and Sunday evening she brought a lady friend to hear the preaching. The pastor is going to baptize her on Palm Sunday. When one gets truly converted they get interested in their friends being saved, they get faithful to church and they follow the Lord in believer’s baptism. She seemed to get a good dose!
It is obvious to me that in many of our churches, conferences and camp meetings we are endeavoring to convince ourselves or create an atmosphere of success and spiritual reality. It is merely an apparition in many cases. In Ezra’s day, when the temple foundation was laid, the old, ancient men; who had seen the original temple—wept! Others, who had no point of reference to the past, were excited. (Ezra 3:11-13). I am not all that old but I do long for a taste of the realness of old-time revival and a smidgen of the spirit of my early days in the ministry that seemed to saturate the services. O, may God do it again is my prayer.
Thank you so much for your financial help and bulwark of prayers for our home and ministry. You are the ‘back-log’ that keeps the heat in the hearth of my soul. God bless you, your church and your ministry.

Your brother in Christ,
Tim Green