March Twenty-Eight
Two Thousand Eleven

Dear Pastor and friends,

In Jude verse 24 we read these astonishingly astounding or astoundingly astonishing words; [He] “…is able to…present you faultless before the presence of his glory…” What Christ is able to do has never surprised me, but the phrase that recently gripped my redeemed spirit and captivated my earnest attention is THE PRESENCE OF HIS GLORY! O my beloved friends, think of it, THE PRESENCE OF HIS GLORY! Not the glory of man, the grandeur of creation, nor the amazing sights of Heaven, but the glory of His presence! Just to be in His glorious presence is wonder beyond words, and by His mercy, grace, and atoning work on Calvary it will be accomplished “…with exceeding joy.” I think I might just shout awhile, excuse me.
God gave this unworthy servant a full slate of meetings this month and a real exciting glimpse at revival a time or two. The last Sunday of the month I closed a meeting with one of our supporters, Blessed Hope Baptist Church in Kettering, OH. It was the church’s 15th anniversary, and God capped this meeting with salvations and spiritual awakenings in lives. Hallelujah!
Thank you so very much for your faithful prayers and support. In these economically trying times your help is especially needed and so greatly appreciated. God bless you much is my prayer. Keep on keeping on and I remain …

Yours for Revival,

Tim Green