March Twenty-Five
Two Thousand Ten
Dear Pastor and friends,
Matthew, Mark, and Luke all insert the startling, yet seemingly insignificant fact that the veil of the Temple was rent in twain at the resurrection of Christ. This incident is not mentioned again and perhaps is overlooked in its Biblical and personal importance. There are three pertinent points I would like you to ponder concerning the veil being torn in two. First, it revealed an intimate peek into the heart of God. Secondly, it opened the way for sinful man to approach this thrice holy God. Finally, it gave man hope, hope beyond the grave! John Bunyan said, “Death’s flood hath lost its chill since Jesus crossed the River.” He died “without the camp” that we could go within the veil of His redemption. Easter time brings with it Spring and the hope of new life in Christ. Happy Resurrection Day!
I enjoyed two meetings in Texas early in the month of March and just completed a grand meeting in southern Indiana. We about had real revival in this mature church. I will close out the month in Arizona.
Thank you so much for your faithful giving. Our labors would be far less rewarding without your prayers and support. God bless each and everyone of you is my prayer.
In the glow of the Risen Lord,
Tim Green