June 25, 2019


Dear Pastor & friends,

I have been very busy in the work of an evangelist in recent days. God has blessed spiritually in the meetings and helped me with the physical problems I have encountered over the last three months. I am not out of the shingle “woods” yet, but seem to be healing painfully and slowly. Thank you so much for your prayers.

The great need of these days seems to be a revival of men to their spiritual concerns. Politics, sports, careers and a plethora of other amusements and distractions have completely taken over the average Christian’s mind, heart and lives. I trust somehow we can focus our attention on things of eternal importance and less on the trivial pursuits of our day.

I am grateful to God for each church and individual that supports our labors in the Lord’s vineyard. I do not get weary in well doing but I do get tired of the travel, whether by automobile or airplane. The airports are a zoo in the summer time and the menagerie seems to get stranger and stranger! It is remarkable that some folk would walk out of the confines of their home dressed like they do. Sometimes it is a little entertaining in a macabre sort of way.

Sandy and I are very grateful for your prayers and I look forward to the day we can all rest beside the river of life and sing the songs of God’s amazing grace. May God bless you all richly is my prayer.


Your fellow servant of Christ,


Tim Green