Dear Pastor & friends,

​Summer sure has flown by fast and August is filled with our 49th wedding anniversary and then I take a mission trip and revival services in Alaska.  Now that sounds like we are taking separate anniversary trips…but you would be wrong!!  One does not stay married nearly a half a century being that stupid!  My fall schedule is full and I look forward to God doing some good things in the meetings.  In a recent meeting I preached for a preacher that was an elementary and junior high school student in our Christian school decades ago.  He is now fifty-six years old and pastors a church running about four hundred!  We had one saved in the auditorium service and others were saved in junior church.  It was a great encouragement and a blessing to see what God has done with this fine preacher and his family!  He started this church from nothing but God…twenty-nine years ago!

​I am eternally grateful to all of you that support our work and ministry in the vast harvest fields of the world.  I have criss-crossed this nation for forty-three years and traveled to over fifty countries of the world preaching the saving Gospel of Jesus Christ.  I am humbled by the opportunity God has given to this nearly seventy year old sinner, saved by the marvelous grace of God!  I rejoice in every soul saved, every backslider reclaimed and every saint encouraged to keep the fires of revival burning in their redeemed soul. To God be the Glory for the great things He has done.

​Thank you again for helping to make our labors for Christ acceptable in His sight and honorable with those to which we have to deal on a daily basis.  God bless you all.

Your friend & His grateful servant,


Tim Green