July 17, 2018


Dear Pastor & friends,

The summer days are full upon us and busy is the by-word of the day. Sometimes I believe too busy, especially with the minutiae of the daily duties becoming a deterrent to the ministry. When one gets too occupied with life to pray, study God’s Word or witness…well one is just too busy. I am glad to be involved in His work and endeavoring to do God’s will, but that other stuff…!

God has blessed in the meetings and I have experienced some interesting anecdotal situations that best be told in person…so remind me when I see you. I had a college president call me in the last few days and tell me of a young man, saved in a meeting I preached in Oregon a few years ago. The young man recently spoke at a youth meeting and had twenty-three professions. Thank God for some fruit in the faith that is producing fruit! It was really a blessing to my old heart to hear of this young man’s commitment and following through with the Lord. As an evangelist, I don’t always know what happens with the converts…God knows.

Thank you so much for helping us do the work the Lord has assigned to us. I am grateful for your prayers, concern and care for our home and labor for the Lord. I trust the Lord will bless you all abundantly is my earnest prayer.


In the pathway of duty,



Tim Green