July 20, 2015

Dear Pastor & friends,

I am sitting in the Detroit Airport heading home from a prayer conference I spoke at in Peoria, Illinois. If there ever was a need for God’s people to get under the burden of prayer – it is NOW! A time of personal prayer, confession and pleading with God on behalf of ourselves, homes and churches is highly in order. Also, in my lifetime, sixty-six years, I am aware of no other period in time when our poor, benighted nation needed intercessory prayer like she does today. Without prayer we will surely be wrecked on the reef of unrighteousness that has permeated our land; polluting us politically, poisoning our pulpits and unpacking our pews!
If II Chronicles 7:14 can be implemented in our lives, then God can once again move mightily in our midst, and verse 15 can be fulfilled in our behalf. God said, “Now mine eyes shall be open, and mine ears attend unto the prayer that is made in this place.”
August is coming and I am home much of the month, save for the first two Sundays. Of course, September is full of meetings and travel, and I covet your prayers concerning these revivals. I cringe to think how ineffective these labors would be without your prayers. I also am humbly grateful for those who support this ministry so faithfully financially. God bless you much is my prayer.

May God help us,

Tim Green