January Nineteenth

Two Thousand Nine

Dear Pastor and friends,

She attended the services every night of the meeting. She was attentive and wiped tears from her eyes during every invitation. Her husband had gotten right with God and frequented the altar during the early days of the revival. Midweek he asked if we could talk after the following evening service. We went to the pastor’s home, and there she began to ask questions like: “Why does it seem like you are talking directly to me when you preach?” “Why do I cry during the altar call?”Finally she asked the all important question, “What do I need to do to be saved?” It kind of sounded like a question from a jailer many years ago. After nearly an hour of questions and answers, she wept her way to the Saviour! The following night her testimony to the audience of her conversion thrilled the hearts of all those in attendance. Praise God for old-time Bible salvation. Two others were saved in this God-visited meeting.

Thank you much for your continued help to this preacher and his home. Our travels are extensive and the burden of the work is excessive. It is seemingly impossible at times to do everything that needs to be done; with our Baptist Bread devotional, revival meetings, correspondence, and helping folks with problems on the phone. (I just got a call from a weeping school secretary concerning the traffic fatality of one of the student’s mother this morning. By the way, this school suffered the death of the kindergarten teacher in the classroom last week-Please pray for the Bethany Ind. Baptist Church in Courtland, MS. It could be you next week)

Please pray for Sandy and me and the work God has assigned to us. Without your prayers we would be in way over our heads! God bless you greatly.


Redemptively His and warmly yours,

Tim Green