January 26, 2015

Dear Pastor and friends,

Many have heard or used the term “the Land of the Living.” We speak of being in “the Land of the Living.” However, the truth of the matter is we are in “the Land of the Dying.” I hear of friends, colleagues and loved ones passing away every week it seems. We are not in “the Land of the Living,” we are in “the Land of the Dying.” Those of us that are saved are headed for “the Land of the Living!” In that fair and happy land we will be more alive, to never die, than we have ever been heretofore! Some call it Glory, others Heaven; it is “the Land of the Living and HOME!”
January has been busy with meetings in Mississippi and Florida. I was very ill with virus “A”; which stands for Awful! I preached all week and pitied the dear folk that had to listen to my rasping, coughing voice.
I am grateful for your faithful and sacrificial giving to our work. In many instances, I know folk are giving even beyond their means for the labors in the Lord’s vineyard. Next month I travel to Taiwan to preach in a youth camp and in several churches. Please pray for me and know that these mission trips God sends me on would be nigh unto impossible without the grace of your giving. God bless you much is my prayer.

Ever your friend & His servant,
Tim Green