January Twenty-Three     Two Thousand Thirteen

 Dear Pastor and Friends,

          Another year has dawned and only God knows what it holds for each of us.  For some it will be dreams coming true, the drama of the unexpected, or even the fated doom of the lost.  Yes, the Lord knows what a day may bring forth and what unfolds is His will, and must be accepted by faith.

          This thought has been bouncing around in the tiny cavity of my brain for some time; that an altar will alter one’s life. There were at least 14 altar builders mentioned in the Bible and the word “altar” is referred to 374 times in God’s Book.  Altars were places of sacrifice, dedication to service and meeting places for man with God.  Perhaps in these days, we should erect, figuratively, life-altering altars, producing separation, consecration, sanctification and commitment.  Think about it!

          Thank you so much for your faithful support of our home and the ministry the Lord has given me.  I have enjoyed two weeks of meetings this month, with some evidence of God at work in men’s lives.  February is a little lean, but March through July are packed with meetings.  I covet your prayers on behalf of revival and know that you are daily in my prayers.

Your companion in grace,

Tim Green