January Twenty
Two Thousand Eleven

Dear Pastor and friends,

I like that verse in the Canticles that says the ‘winter is past.’ However, we haven’t quite arrived at that juncture here in southern Ohio. I was preaching in Florida recently and winter showed its’ frigid head in that great state too. Oh well, I go to Belize next week for an evangelistic meeting and I think maybe it will be conquered there! I sure hope so.

Thank you so much for your faithful support and help to our work and ministry. God has blessed abundantly in the first two meetings of the year. A man was saved while in Florida and it was exciting to watch him grow and glow in the three or so days after he got converted. Christ sure makes a difference in one’s life, countenance and future! Please pray earnestly for this endeavor in Central America. Sandy is going with me and we look forward to souls saved and a revival of righteousness among God’s people.

Isaiah talked about rebellious children that would not take counsel from God, covered themselves with coverings that were not spiritual and added sin to sin! They walked to Egypt without His direction, looked for strength from an evil leader and trusted in the god of the world. Sad to say, the description found in Isa. 30:1&2, is a lot like folk today. May God send us a revival of turning back to Him and His ways before it is too late. Surely our government, legislators, judges and other forms of ( I was going to say low-life, but thought better of it) will not solve the problems we face. A revival of right, confession and forsaking, and true repentance is the only solution to the pollution we seem to be wallowing in. God help and heal our churches and our land is my prayer.

Thank you again and please know I pray for you and your church on a daily basis. May God help and bless your labors for Him.

Yours for revival in our land,

Tim Green