February Twenty     Two Thousand Thirteen

Dear Pastor and Friends,

I am writing again to thank you for your gracious giving to our work and home.  Sandy and I are humbled and grateful for what our supporters do monthly on our behalf and the Gospel’s.  God bless you much is my desire.

I’d like to report that there has been a great harvest of souls.  However, the numbers are less than my heart’s desire.  I grow weary sometimes and I feel like a reaper going through the ever-white fields with an empty basket.  The seed is faithfully sown, the crop watered, but the crop’s yield is sparse.  O, may the Lord of the harvest give us the fruit of the field.  Earnestly, I covet your prayers for God’s power and presence in the coming meetings and that Holy Ghost conviction would precede conversions.

God bless each of you and know that daily you are prayed for by this preacher and that God would revive His people.


A servant of the Lord,

Tim Green