February 12, 2020



Dear Pastor & friends,


I am grateful for the opportunity to write each of our supporting churches and individuals each month, and leave with you a little piece of my thought life to consider.  A stand-out phrase that caught my attention today is found in Isaiah 16:3; “…make thy shadow as the night in the midst of the noon day;…”. The often night times of life leave a shadow on our days, however, at noon, not a long one.  The day we live in is blighted with the night of gross iniquity and rampant ungodliness, because of this fact, some have had their spiritual light diffused, if not completely doused.  I pray your life, your church, your ministry will overcome the darkness and shine brightly for our Lord.  Be faithful!  Be sincere!  Be honest!  Be pure!


This month I spent a solid week getting ahead on the articles for the devotional, The Baptist Bread.  It is a chore but also a great privilege to be part of the daily, devotional lives of tens of thousands of God’s children.  It sometimes gets hard on these old eyes of mine, but is worth the effort.  March through June are so fully packed with meetings that it was good to have a couple of weeks at home.


Sandy and I greatly appreciate and are deeply thankful for the faithful, financial and prayer support that you so kindly give in our behalf.  We pray God’s very best for each and every one!



Humbly His servant,




Tim Green