February Twenty Six
Two Thousand Ten
Dear Pastor and friends,
The Lord discussed with Job the “…treasures of the snow.” Our nation, especially the East Coast, must be the richest place on the planet! This global warming “hooey”has really made us wealthy! While I was in New Zealand earlier this month our area got 22″ of the white stuff. My wife said she shoveled our driveway four times and never found anything except sore muscles! I do believe God and know the snow is filled with nutrients that enrich the soil. (P.S. I really missed shoveling all that snow myself!)
The work of God goes forth and forward in spite of all the conflict and confusion among His people. I am always excited to see the Lord work in the lives of folk in the services. What a blessing to be involved in His business!
I know the economy is stretched and many churches and their members are sacrificing continually to help people like me do what God has called us to do. I recently read an appeal from a college for help and an anecdote of sacrifice gripped my heart. An old preacher needed an electric heater for his home. He had always used the refrain, “Can I get to Heaven without it?” He decided yes, and sent a check to the college for the price of the heater! Friends, from my grateful heart I warmly thank you for your generosity and love for our Saviour and this servant. May you be abundantly blessed for your giving in our behalf.
Lord bless you all,
Tim Green