July Twenty-Five

Two Thousand Twelve

Dear Pastor and Friends,

          I would like to once again thank you for your faithful giving to our home and ministry.  Sandy and I daily express our appreciation to the Lord for touching your hearts to give and be of encouragement to us.  You are in our prayers.

          The month of September finds me back and busy on the revival trail.  I will be in Pennsylvania, Virginia and Illinois for meetings.  These are week-long meetings, and I am praying they will turn into revivals!  If this nation and our churches ever needed revival, it is now!  Please pray with me to that end.  I will be in Spain this coming week for a few days of preaching and helping a missionary.

          This summer has probably been the most trying season of my forty-plus years of ministry, however, I would like to say – no, shout – that God has done marvelous things and worked out details in situations that only HE could do!  Glory to God!!  I heard an old sermon by the sainted, Dr. Percy Ray, entitled, “Have Faith in God”.  Now, there’s a remedy for any malady.

Again, we are thankful.

Yours in the cause of righteousness,

Tim Green