Dear Pastor & Friends,

​Well, I have “enjoyed” another month with my unwelcome guests—shingles!  Yes, almost eighteen weeks as of today. I pray someone who reads this will pray this scourge away.  Enough whining, God is good, gracious and kind even in the midst of a plague (ask lots of O.T. saints).  Thankfully, I have not missed a meeting or a scheduled preaching engagement.  It is strange that I don’t even notice these ‘devils’ when preaching.  Now, if my wife would just let me preach to her when home…

​I trust God will greatly bless each church, pastor and individual that helps us regularly with support.  You are a vital link and spiritual backlog of what the Lord has given me to do—preach and seek revival in our churches.  Sandy and I are very thankful.

​I’d like to leave a little thought for you to ponder.  I have had trouble sleeping with my painful partner (see above) and was reading a biography late into the night. The preacher of the past had had a severe difference with his grown daughter.  Words, like swords had flashed between them and he left her presence in a huff!  In talking about the forgiveness and restoration of the relationship, this sentence struck a chord in my soul, There is never a reason to fight to the death for your cause and lose someone you love and respect, just to prove your point of view and lose everything in the process.”  Jesus said; “…forgive, and ye shall be forgiven” (Luke 6:37)).

Forgiven & forgiving,

Tim Green