August 25, 2021


Dear Friends,


I just saw a bumper sticker in a parking lot today, it read: “If true things get better with age—I must be magnificent!”  I don’t know if that is a fact…but it did bring a smile to my heart.


Meetings have piled up like mountains in the next months.  Some are called conferences or other man-made designations, perhaps to avoid the crying need of revival!  The following is a paragraph from the potent pen of Leonard Ravenhill (1907-94):

Oh, for men who will wait upon the Lord, hear His voice, get a baptism of His power and authority to deliver His message to a sick church and dying world.  We have labored in the flesh far too long.  We have interpreted success by material gain and have believed that bigger buildings, crowds and offerings are proofs of God’s favor.  We have had pygmy preachers too long and need giants.  We have had promoters too long and need prophets.  We have played evangelism with a hundred gimmicks.  Lord, give us in this dark hour of history a John the Baptist to burn and shine, and to pray as John Knox prayed over Scotland, “Give me America or I die!”

There is power, pathos and pity in Ravenhill’s plea.  God help us to get under conviction about our lack of revival and concerned about what He is interested in.

Friends, thank you for your help in support and in your prayers. Please join me in praying that God would send revival to our land, healing to our churches and a renewed spirit of joy, victory and hope to our individual hearts.


In Christ filled with hope,



Tim Green