August 22, 2018


Dear Pastor & friends,

I have tried to be a keen observer of the trends in fundamentalism and especially as they lately have seemed to merge with the trends in our culture. If there is anything that should go against the grain of America’s culture today, it should be the church of the living God. For instance, in sports we have gone from the relative mundane sport of baseball being the nation’s game, to mixed martial arts being the rage of the 21st Century. If that doesn’t say something about the decline in our country I don’t know what does! The old paths of prayer, faith, study of the Word of God, infilling of the Holy Spirit and soul winning are the safe trails to be trod. We are not men with a profession, but servants with a calling. O, and just think, now supposed heroes of the gridiron kneel, instead of honoring our flag and the soldiers who died to preserve our nation and her freedoms. I am standing for the flag and kneeling at the cross! God help us!

Thankfully, August has arrived and I have a couple of weeks at home to catch up or maybe just make a dent in some of the things that need to be done around home. My wife has a list and I have run out of excuses not to at least try to get something done.

Since last month I have been travelling and preaching as usual. Altars have been full, yet effective change sparse. I think too many of us want to work for God but don’t allow God to work in us. Things crank up again this fall and my hope and prayer is that the Lord will work mightily in me and through me, so as to be a help and blessing to His people and the salvation of souls.

I am grateful to each and every one of you that have a part in our home and ministry. I pray for you daily and trust the dear Lord to greatly bless you as we faithfully labor together for Him and in the power of His might.

Yours for the cause of Christ,

Tim Green