August 17, 2017
Dear Pastor & friends,
The wise man wrote; “The highway of the upright is to depart from evil: he that keepeth his way preserveth his soul” (Pro. 16:17). As most of us have traveled the highways of our country in these summer months, to one extent or another (I know some of you hit the hard roads daily) we become aware of the best roads to take. In life there is the ‘Upright Road’ that leaves evil in one’s rearview mirror. The result of departing from evil is the preservation of the soul. Sadly, many, both, saint and sinner alike have taken the exit ramp toward evil’s environs and the price at the toll booth is high and tragic too!
I have been pleasantly busy since the last letter, travelling to Tennessee and Michigan. I will be heading to Illinois and Arkansas by the time this note arrives. Friends, I thank you for your prayers and faithful support of our God-given ministry. You are a vital link in what the Lord desires to do in our life. God bless you. Souls are being saved and saints encouraged.
Please find enclosed a brochure and a little poem from my father, Dr. Don Green’s, retirement from the pastorate. He is still preaching when his health permits. I think you pastors will appreciate the sentiments expressed. Also, there was a visual tribute and brief history of his life and ministry posted to U-tube (if you know how to navigate in that realm it will be a blessing to watch) I don’t!

On the highways for Him,

Tim Green