August Twenty Three
Two Thousand Eleven

Dear Pastor and friends,

I read a story of a man who was a member of the “Golden Knights” U.S. Army parachute team. On April 24, 1974 he jumped out of a plane and performed his “trick jump” where his parachute seems not to open as he plummets to earth! However, on this day, his parachute didn’t open and he fell 2,800 feet to earth. By the way, his back-up chute failed also! Interestingly enough four years later he ran in the Boston Marathon! Sad to say many are falling away all around us in our ranks. But, I can truly say the “fall” does not have to be the end. Anyone who confesses, obtains forgiveness, and forsakes his sin can and will be able to run again! You may run with a limp but you can still run. I have maintained for decades that a limping Israel could outrun a healthy Jacob any day of the week.
I have been involved in some interesting and wonderful services in the month of August. I was privileged to preach my dear dad’s 56th anniversary Sunday at our old home church in Lansing, Michigan. It was good to see old faces, hear testimonies, and see God still working there. This past Sunday we had a great day in an unique church in Loveland, OH. God visited us and His presence brought rejoicing and help to many. I go to Seattle this coming week and pray for God’s anointing on the services.
Thank you so very much for your faithful help. God has used you and yours in our lives and I am eternally grateful. May the dear Lord bless you much for your generosity to our home and work.

Your companion in grace,

Tim Green