April 24, 2023



Dear Pastor & friends,


In the last verse of Matthew 8, “…the whole city came out to meet Jesus:..” however, they were not a welcoming committee; they were a ‘get out of town’ riotous rabble of reprobates!  Today, as perhaps never before in America the Gospel seems to be treated the same as it was back then.  Yes, souls are being saved by personal witness and the faithful preaching of the Word of God, but it seems in fewer and fewer numbers as in the past.  We can take hope and comfort in the fact, the crowd back then rejected Christ and asked Him to leave, is it any wonder that is the reception often encountered in our nation of moral decay, spiritual apostacy and wanton wickedness!  May God help us and may we repent of our inequities in our lives.


This month has been filled with preaching and I leave tomorrow for a mission conference that will close out the month.  I have enjoyed seeing some conversions and altars are often visited by God’s people.  One thing that has surprised me, nearly every service the pastor and staff find their way to their knees.  People of God, why not join your spiritual shepherds and hold up their hands, as Aaron and Hur, by praying with them?  Please accept some of the burden your dear pastor and others bear.


Sandy joins me in thanking you for the kind and faithful support of our home and ministry.  May God bless you all and your churches greatly.


In Christ & rejoicing,



Tim Green