April 28, 2022




Dear Pastor & friends,


I Peter 4:9 says, “Use hospitality one to another without grudging.” I don’t think I have ever commented on this subject in my life, at least publicly.  I appreciate the churches I preach for providing fruit baskets filled with things that aren’t fruit.  Especially those that have goodies like chocolate, chocolate covered nuts and chocolate…well, you get the subject.  The healthy ones are also a blessing. I got one earlier this month with a whole roll of stamps!  My wife was so happy about those and thought they were all for her!  I am just saying I am grateful for the thoughtfulness shown by these kind expressions of hospitality.


Resurrection Sunday was blessed as usual and in Arizona a young man was saved after the morning service and found his way back to the Lord’s house in the evening.  Oft times today that is a rarity to have some follow up by the convert and by someone in tune enough to help a new convert to see the need of fellowship, preaching and discipleship.


Our home is blessed and encouraged by those of you that faithfully support our work for Christ and the labor of love in my heart to see real revival in our churches.  The dear Lord knows we desperately need a stirring from Heaven in our homes, churches and personal lives.  Thank you all for your prayers for Sandy and me, you mean more than tongue can tell and I pray God’s richest blessings on you and yours.


Your friend in the faith once delivered…,



Tim Green