September 30, 2021



Dear Pastor & friends in the faith,


A weary, old soldier is writing you this day.  I started a meeting the first week of September after having knee surgery on the Friday prior to the Sunday!  Hey, I can preach with crutches!  The next meeting was cancelled due to a Covid-19 outbreak in the church, glad I stayed home! The following weekend I flew to Austin, Texas to preach the anniversary service of the great Capitol City Baptist Church.  The pastor reported that several were saved and I even spoke to the Spanish church, via an excellent interpreter.  Then, this old codger gathered his stuff and was off to Barrow, Alaska.  Two were saved in that meeting.  I closed out the month yesterday in Collinsville, Illinois.  Bro. Keith Gomez, the recently retired pastor, joined me in that good meeting.  I am home typing and tired.  Should be heading for Texas over the weekend for a three-day Bible Conference at Trinity Baptist in Arlington, Texas.  Please pray for my health and endurance, and that God would continue to show me truths in the Bible to present to His people in these trying days.


Sandy joins me in thanking you for your faithful financial support and fervent prayers in behalf of the ministry God has entrusted to me.  I love all of you and your church and ministries are prayed for daily by this evangelist.  May God turn the tide of unrighteousness in this country before it is too late!



Yours for the souls of men,




Tim Green