May 31, 2023


Dear Pastor & friends,


I trust God’s best blessings are being experienced by you, your family and God’s people with whom you serve and worship the Lord with on a daily basis.  Paul spoke to the Philippian church and to us with these wonderful words; “…ye are no more strangers and foreigners, but fellowcitizens with the saints, and of the household of God;” He further told of the foundation we enjoy with the apostles and prophets and Jesus Christ, the chief corner stone!  Friends, we are grounded on firm soil and the shifting sands of compromisers, carnal characters and the deep chasm between the lost and the saved does not affect our good standing in our Saviour and Lord.  May He help us all to live in the victory secured for us on Calvary.

This month I closed my preaching schedule on Mother’s Day in Mt. Airy, NC.  This wonderful church, White Plains Baptist, is where I preached my first revival meeting in 1976.  These forty-seven years have flown by like a comet through the night sky!  (They still have me back after all these years!). The week before I preached near Rossville, GA and the pastor talked to me yesterday concerning the continual influence of the meeting in folks’ lives.  Thank God, His blessed Book, when preached or read, still changes lives.

I thank each of you that help us monthly, quarterly or occasionally; you are a blessing beyond words to Sandy, our home and the ministry God has entrusted to me by His marvelous grace.



Many blessings,



Tim Green


P.S. June, I will be preaching in MD, FL, WV, GA & TN—Please pray!