October 30, 2014

Dear Pastor and Friends,
This old world is about as upside down and backwards as she has ever been. Man and movements have contributed, with their compromise, to this madness. We are in desperate need of men with character and commitment to stand against the rising tide of ministerial, moral and monetary mayhem that is destroying our nation, churches and homes. May God help us, and thus be our only hope. I am aware that this ol’ world is going to wind down (cf. II Peter 3:10); the question is, “Where will you wind up?” The answer: Heaven or Hell and it all depends on what you do with Jesus Christ! May God sanctify the harvest is my plea!
October has been busy! I preached three revivals and two other one day services in Charlotte, in Illinois and Indiana. God blessed wonderfully, in the revivals in Ohio, Pennsylvania and Maryland. I will be in Corby, England preaching a five day meeting the first week of November. As always, I covet your prayers for the meetings and for ‘smooth sailing’ going to and fro. I have a busy month right up to Thanksgiving, with meetings in Virginia and Georgia before the holiday.
Thank you so much for your faithful help and fervent prayers for our home and ministry. Sandy joins me in our heartfelt appreciation for all you do.

Blessings and God’s Best,
Tim Green