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God Needs No Improvement

          Malachi trumpets the truth;  “For I am the LORD, I change not;…”  (Mal. 3:6).  We live in a day when personality trumps spirituality, carnality robes itself in clerical clothing and being respectable in the minds of our peers is more important than living right before God!  We are ever-seeking some new thing, program, promotion or what have you, to appear successful.  Let me remind you that real spiritual success may not look like success to the sensual, secularized, soap-opera saints of the 21st Century.

          In the light of the fact that God does not change we must conclude that God makes no progress either.  He is not getting holier—He is holy!  He is not growing more godly—He is God!  He is not morphing into some One more mighty—He is almighty.  He is not…you get the picture, He is God and He doesn’t need to change, improve or renovate anything about Himself.  His character, covenant and condescension are unchanging.  He is absolute holiness, perfect in justice and longsuffering in mercy.  God is good, truth, righteous and love.  Nothing has changed with God, for He needs to make no progress, improvement or change in any way.

          One neophyte politician in this century promised  ‘Hope & Change.’  His hope has brought about more hopelessness and his change has left us cursed, crushed and broke as a people.  The change he has delivered has brought our once great nation to its knees, but not to pray.  He has tried to sanitize same-sex marriage and demonize democracy.  He has polluted politics and programmed our country to accept defeat, unemployment, unrighteousness, hand-outs, and the mass murder of millions of the unborn.  He has depleted our bank accounts and emptied the coffers of our country to the heathen of the world.  May God be merciful, even though, His justice demands our demise!

          The Machiavellian, mad move to change has permeated our pulpits also.  We have innovators who are little more than ignoramuses spouting new ideas for church growth, financial schemes (scams), Sunday School enhancements, ad nauseam.  Men have become mechanical and ceased to be spiritual.  Organization has been substituted for a spiritual organism.  God has not only been denied, but ignored and forgotten, in a mad dash for change.

          If we are ever going to experience old fashion revival in our churches, homes and lives; we must go backward not forward.  The route to take is reversal.  Back to Bethel, back to the Bible (there is only one, the King James Bible).  Back to holiness, godliness, righteousness and truth.  Back to the old paths of preaching, singing, shouting and sensible, sane personal soul-winning; with a life that backs up our lip!

          The wise man said,  “…meddle not with them that are given to change:” (Pro. 24:21).  Verse 22 proclaims in potent words that calamity will be the consequence for the changelings.  Solomon’s words from God perhaps were the first learned at his father’s knee, for David said, “That those that will live with God don’t change even if their determination to not compromise or acquiesce seems to be detrimental to them.  (see Psalm 15:1 & 4).

          My brethren, change for changes’ sake is pure puffery and promotes a lack of faith that permeates from the pulpit to the pew!  Our great God and Saviour had this said about Him; “Jesus Christ the same yesterday, to day, and for ever”  (Heb. 13:8).  Since He hasn’t, isn’t and won’t change neither should we, as we are His, and His alone.  May the dear Lord help us to be what he has bought us to be—Christian—in all the fullness of the meaning of that wonderous name.